Delivery Information

Our price includes delivery to Edinburgh

Free Delivery to your Venue Only

Should you require a delivery to a residential address wit Edinburgh or another location within the UK, additional charges will apply.

We don’t tend to deliver to Edinburgh Residential Addresses as this is very time consuming. When delivering over 300 orders, searching for apartments and houses proves very difficult especially during the busy Fringe Season.

Cann Print Production Information
Supplying your own Artwork Files

Our Preferred Artwork Format is PDF

We accept artwork in the following formats:

- Photoshop saved as TIFF, EPS or JPG format
- QuarkXpress include all EPS, TIFF and fonts
- Illustrator include all embedded images and fonts
- Coral Draw saved as TIFF, EPS or JPG format
- Freehand saved as TIFF, EPS or JPG format

Artwork Format FONTS: All screen and PostScript fonts must be supplied unless you have converted them to curves.

COLOURS: All colours must be set to CMYK. RGB can not be accepted for printing.

RESOLUTION: Images must be supplied at 300dpi and at 100% otherwise quality will be compromised.

BLEED: All files need a minimum of 3mm bleed for cutting. If files are supplied without any bleed they will be given a border, so they can be cut correctly. For printing to be finished correctly, please ensure that any text or logos are at least 4mm away from the edge.

PROOFS: All jobs must be supplied with a colour proof.

NOT ACCEPTED: Documents that are designed in any of the following formats or colour settings:
- Pagemaker
- Photopaint Pro
- RGB, Indexed colour, PICT or Lab colour

Following these guidelines ensures that there will be no delays with printing. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to call us on 01563 572440